How Much Does Window Replacement Cost in Lubbock? A Comprehensive Guide

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Owning a home in Lubbock, TX, is rewarding, but it’s also an investment that requires regular maintenance. Sometimes, unexpected events, like a baseball breaking a window, necessitate immediate replacements. Understanding the costs involved in home window replacement is crucial as windows are a significant investment in your home’s comfort, beauty, and long-term value. At Schmitt Roofing and Construction, we provide all the information you need to make an informed decision. This comprehensive guide covers everything from material and type to brand-specific costs for window replacement in Lubbock, TX.


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Factors Affecting Window Replacement Cost in Lubbock, TX


The material of your windows significantly impacts the overall cost due to differences in durability, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. Here’s a breakdown of costs based on different window materials for replacing 1 to 15 windows:

  • Vinyl Windows: $1,141 – $1,203 per window

Vinyl windows are cost-effective and low-maintenance, making them a popular choice among homeowners in Lubbock.

  • Wood Windows: $129 – $1,472 per window

Wood windows offer classic beauty but require more maintenance and can be susceptible to weathering in Lubbock’s climate.

  • Fiberglass Windows: $451 – $1,584 per window

Fiberglass windows are durable and energy-efficient, providing excellent insulation against Lubbock’s extreme temperatures.

  • Aluminum Windows: $90 – $415 per window

Aluminum windows are lightweight and strong, suitable for modern aesthetics and capable of withstanding Lubbock’s weather conditions.

  • Composite Windows: $346 – $1,388 per window
    • Composite windows combine the best features of different materials, offering durability and energy efficiency suitable for varied Lubbock weather.


The type of window you choose also affects the cost based on functionality and style preferences. Here are the cost ranges for different window types for replacing 1 to 15 windows:

  • Single Hung Windows: $122 – $527 per window

Single hung windows are affordable and energy-efficient, ideal for maintaining comfort in Lubbock homes.

  • Double Hung Windows: $144 – $734 per window

Double hung windows offer versatility with two movable sashes, providing enhanced ventilation options in Lubbock’s climate.

  • Picture Windows: $357 – $1,270 per window

Picture windows are large and stationary, perfect for showcasing Lubbock’s beautiful views and allowing ample natural light.

  • Casement Windows: $219 – $1,498 per window

Casement windows are hinged at the side and open outward, providing excellent ventilation and energy efficiency in Lubbock homes.

  • Bay or Bow Windows: $889 – $4,921 per window

Bay or bow windows add architectural interest and expand interior space while capturing panoramic views of Lubbock’s surroundings.


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The brand of windows you select can also influence the overall cost based on reputation, quality, and warranty offerings. Here’s a look at estimated costs for different brands for replacing 1 to 15 windows:

  • Pella Windows: $506 – $1,187 per window

Pella is renowned for high-quality craftsmanship and energy-efficient designs suitable for Lubbock’s climate.

  • Andersen Windows: $433 – $1,609 per window

Andersen windows combine durability with aesthetic appeal, offering customizable options to enhance comfort in Lubbock homes.

  • Milgard Windows: $225 – $910 per window

Milgard windows are known for their reliability and energy efficiency, providing lasting performance in Lubbock’s varying weather conditions.

  • Simonton Windows: $602 – $1,158 per window

Simonton windows offer a balance of affordability and quality, with options that cater to different preferences and needs in Lubbock.

  • Alside Windows: $320 – $627 per window

Alside windows provide budget-friendly options without compromising on performance, ideal for homeowners seeking value in Lubbock.


How to Know When to Replace Your Windows

Recognizing when to replace your windows can be tricky, but there are clear signs that it might be time for an upgrade. Difficulty operating your windows, such as struggling to open, close, or lock them, indicates that they are not functioning well. Condensation between panes usually signals a broken seal, meaning your windows are not insulating properly. Visible damage, including cracks, rot, or warping, is a clear sign that your windows need immediate attention.


Additional Considerations

Beyond the basic costs, several additional factors can affect the overall price of your window replacement project. Labor costs vary based on the complexity of the job and the contractor you choose. Investing in energy-efficient windows can reduce your long-term energy bills and might be eligible for tax credits. Custom-sized or shaped windows typically cost more than standard sizes. Additionally, depending on your location, you may need permits for window replacements, which can add to the overall cost.

Replacing your windows in Lubbock is an investment in your home’s comfort, energy efficiency, and aesthetic appeal. While costs can vary based on material, type, and brand, understanding these factors helps you make an informed decision. At Schmitt Roofing and Construction, your trusted Lubbock roofing and siding expert, we are here to assist you every step of the way, ensuring you choose the best options for your needs and budget.

For a detailed quote and to discuss your specific requirements, contact us today. We offer free inspections and are committed to providing you with top-quality window replacement services in Lubbock, TX. Let us help you enhance your home with beautiful, functional, and energy-efficient windows.

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